About Us

What must go into a premium cigar are such factors as the construction of the cigar, location where the fields are harvested, how often the fields are harvested, weather conditions during harvesting, humidity level during the entire process, temperature during storage and long filler vs. short.

But what does not have to go into a high-quality cigar are high prices.

Behind the development and manufacture of STIXX Cigars is a passionate cigar smoker – just like you. Johnny Mansour traveled to the most exclusive tobacco growing farms of Latin America, to countries renowned the world over for their world-class conditions for growing tobacco. He spent two years fulfilling a lifelong dream – joining alongside master cigar makers to create and manufacture ultra-premium cigars based on his own blends.

Cigar smokers are used to paying for superior quality. But Johnny envisioned a different approach – one where the traditional wholesaler-retailer system Is bypassed. Instead, STIXX ships Its family of ultra-premium cigars directly to you.

You get to savor high quality STIXX Cigars without the high price tag.

STIXX monitors every aspect of its manufacturing process to produce a cigar that’s bold without being overpowering, and properly blended to maximize flavor and aroma and reduce harshness.

Behind the making of STIXX cigars are specially cultivated seeds planted on meticulously cared for soil… harvested in cycles to assure soil time recovery and optimize nutrients…and followed by a harvesting process completely done by hand to avoid pesticides or chemicals of any kind.

The result is a variety of ten cigars long filled with the finest quality aged tobacco leaves and maintained in optimal humidity for the freshest, most flavorful, coolest and smoothest smoke possible.

STIXX Cigars. Where premium quality does not come at a premium price.